100% Wool Carpets

Wool carpet is naturally anti-allergenic, biodegradable, and easy to care for. It comes in many gorgeous shades, and can be dyed or undyed. 100% wool carpets provide a luxurious-feeling, soft feel on your feet and are a fantastic flooring solution for bedrooms, theatres and other living spaces.

Pricing guide: 

  • Prices are in dollars per square meters.
  • Prices are for the flooring only, and are not reflective of the total cost associated with installation. You may also need underlay, but this would need to be assessed by an installer during a quote. This also does not include labour and other costs associated with installation. 

Please use this a catalogue for seeing our range of flooring, and an estimate of what you may be paying for the flooring only- then come in store or organise a quote to get a price for full installation. 



100% New Zealand wool; graded for heavy duty residential carpet.



100% pure new wool; graded for heavy duty (including stairs).


Signature Floors

Brit – Signature Wool

100% undyed wool. Made in Holland.


Coco – Signature Wool

100% felted wool from New Zealand and Eurpoean wool. Made in Holland.


Dartmoor – Signature Wool

100% pure New Zealand and European wool. Made in Europe.

Elke – Signature Wool

100% pure New Zealand wool.


Farris – Signautre Wool

100% undyed wool; graded for use including stairs.


Flax – Signature Wool

100% European wool.


Jaro – Signature Wool

100% pure wool.


Nobby – Signature Wool

100% undyed wool.


Ramie – Signature Wool

100% pure European wool.


Reed – Signature Wool

Undyed wool fibre.


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