Commercial Carpet

We have a great range of commerical carpet solutions, from traditional carpet with simple to intricate designs, to carpet squares. Each carpet has a wide range of uses from hospitality, office, function rooms, and shopping centers.

We have installed a wide variety of commerical carpets in places such as reception and dining halls to shopping center play areas. With over 47 combined years of experience we are excited to work with you on revamping your business with quality, durable, and gorgeous carpets.

Please note that many of our other carpet ranges are graded for commerical/ heavy duty usage but the ranges below have been designed with commerical, not residential, needs in mind. The other carpets may indeed fit your needs perfectly, so please give us a call or visit us if you have any questions about what carpets would best suit your needs.

Please come in store or guve us a call to organise a quote to get a price for full installation! It’s the best way for us to ensure we can give you the best deal possible. 

Signature Flooring

Ready to Wear Axminster

80% wool, 20% antistatic nylon 6.6.
Designed for hospitality, office, club, and pub usage.

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Access – Interiors by Design

Access Tile Collection

Ritz Plaza
Timeless Avenue
Timeless Newline
Innovation Square
Kimberley Rise
Metro Bouvard
Metro Living
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Locally owned and operated, we have been in the business for nearly 20 years and have a combined flooring installation experience of over 47 years.

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