Wool Blends Carpet

Wool blend carpets are often made with 80% wool and 20% synthetic fibres. They offer benefits of both fibre types, with the softness and hard-wearing nature of wool combined with the improved stain resistance, durability, and dying ability of the synthetic fibre. They are a fantadtic option for any carpeted room in your house.

Pricing guide: 

  • Prices are in dollars per square meters.
  • Prices are for the flooring only, and are not reflective of the total cost associated with installation. You may also need underlay, but this would need to be assessed by an installer during a quote. This also does not include labour and other costs associated with installation. 

Please use this a catalogue for seeing our range of flooring, and an estimate of what you may be paying for the flooring only- then come in store or organise a quote to get a price for full installation. 

Signature Flooring

Highland – Country Wool

80% undyed Himilayan wool, 20% Chromolon®.

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